Legalize It!

August 3, 2009 by Ken Daly · Leave a Comment 

It blows my mind that in a Country that prides itself on freedom and liberty we are deprived of just that on so many levels. Our society is based on competition. As a citizen of the great United States of America I am told where I can smoke, what I can smoke, and most importantly to me, where and when I can bet on sports. Our economy is in the crapper. Why not regulate sports gambling? Instead the feds have made it into an underground industry. Tax it, legitimize it, legalize it! In case you have not heard, it is now 2009. There is this new thing called the internet. Don’t fight it, embrace it, tax it!

Don’t get me wrong. I love my country. Where else can you buy an $8 cup of coffee and a $2 gallon of gas? Want to buy a lotto ticket? Sure, why not? The government gets a piece of the action. Go to Canada. You can fill out a parlay card at just about any gas station or convenient store. We as the great USA think we are so damn smart. What a joke. Look around! In Europe you can wager on sports with a legit sportsbook without having to wonder if you are going to get paid after you win or if the local sheriff is going to knock down your door for having a little action on the big game.

I am no political or economical genius. I have to believe that such a person might exist in Washington D.C. (I guess that might be a stretch) If such a person does exist I would hope that he or she would look at all avenues to pull our great country out of it’s current economic state. Sure, let’s cough up billions of dollars to bail out banks, insurance companies, and auto manufacturers. I would rather return to our days of glory. Hookers, gambling, and marijuana… Why not? It sounds like just another trip to Vegas to me!

Ken Daly

Author “The Daly News”